About Risk Register+

Risk Register+ is a structured and systematic approach towards managing organizational risks. It uses an intuitive graphical interface to capture risk interactions, enabling the identification and understanding of how emerging risks impact business performance. Whether you're looking to improve capital efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements or guard against market volatility, Risk Register+ offers clear visibility and accurate understanding of Risk Status, Category, Risk Response and Risk Strategy for managing organizational risks better.

At i2e, we provide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions to clients across a broad range of industries including insurance companies, financial institutions, energy companies, utilities, healthcare, and public sector organisations.

Why Risk Register+

Get access to powerful analytics

1. Get access to advanced reports, dashboards, heat maps and charts

better business decisions

2. Make better business decisions

Easily configurable

3. Easily configurable to meet enterprise requirements

Key Features


Process and Risk Library

One can input business objectives, processes, risks and controls and establish the way they affect each other. Risks and all the associated information such as description, category, hierarchy and ownership can be stored in a centralized library and framework.


Risk Assessment

The app includes tools for planning, scheduling and performing risk assessments, which can even be marked for review and approval. All in a clear and intuitive interface!

Risk assessment can be carried out for both simple and complex cases. The latter of which allows the interaction of multiple factors and advanced risk scoring as per the methodology. Even while performing an assessment, one can remove or add further factors. Input the logic for computing risk scores and analyze them with graphical representation and statistics. Scores can be calculated on the basis of everything from averages to worst and best case scenarios.


Action Management and Risk Mitigation

Findings from assessments and control tests can also be stored. Action plans for control modification or entirely new controls can be recommended to mitigate issues.


Real time monitoring

Real time information on risk management programs is available. Risks can be sorted by organization, product, process or risk category. Risks can be tracked from inherent to residual on a graphic interface that utilizes heat maps. Through this one can gather a birds eye view of key metrics on their home page, which can be personalized according to needs of the analysis.


Business Value


Up operational efficiency by minimizing cycle time and costs related to risk assessments


Predictive risk metrics and indicators can help anticipate and prevent risks in time


Both, the regulators and executive management can be appeased with a strong risk data governance and issue reporting framework with clear accountability

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Haeco America
Viessmann Group
Northern Kentucky University
Provant Health
South Jersey Industries
Red Cross
Radio Lollipop
Cabell Huntington Hospital
Frontline Ed

Organizations should integrate Enterprise Risk Management into business processes and value drivers. At i2e, we enable enterprises across the world to manage a wide range of risks and related activities in a systematic and integrated manner. The Risk Register+ App facilitates to identify, assess, monitor, and manage enterprise risks effectively.

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